Sandcastle Build Component Templates 1.1

Feb 12, 2008 at 10:04 PM
Hi Everyone,

I've just released Sandcastle Build Component Templates 1.1

Two distinct Visual Studio C# Item Templates are provided as separate downloads.

The Basic Sandcastle Build Component item template provides a foundation on which authors can create a custom build component for use with or without the Sandcastle Help File Builder or DocProject. It also provides a working implementation that can take advantage of optional features in DocProject, such as dynamic sub properties.

The Hosted Sandcastle Build Component item template is the same as the first, but it's also designed to take advantage of host-specific services in the component's editor when a host is available. The default implementation is wired-up to detect DocProject's host API, if it's available, and gather information that can be used to provide automatic configuration and to apply appropriate default values in the component's editor.

Both templates have been tested in an environment where DocProject was not installed and they both functioned properly. (Note that the Hosted template requires DocProject to be installed during the development of new build components, however. At runtime, fall-back initialization is used if DocProject is not installed.)

- Dave