Auto generated summary urgent help required

May 8, 2008 at 1:33 PM

I dont know how this is generated as for master pages that are included in my project it shows
MasterPage class on the top and in the remark it shows Auto generated in the sandcastle documenatation generated
Over and above I have quite a few user controls in wherein I have written the summary for the user control class
In some its show 'CRButtons Class(My user control name) ' and then the summary that I have written, in some user controls iy shows my summary on top and the user control name below the summary and last and not the least it few of them it shows only the summary that I need and not the Class name that is auto generated .By the way I m using the June sandcastle 2007 CTP release and help file builder version and .net framework 2.0.One last thing I don't know from where its is getting this __default class and its attributes(in remarks it gives me auto generated class) ,that are not present in my solutions itself.I don't have any class name _default in my web project.
Please help its urgent
May 8, 2008 at 4:14 PM
The June 2007 release is way out of date and there have been a number of fixes since then. At the very least you should update to the January 2008 release of Sandcastle and SHFB You may find that they fix some of the issues you are seeing with the presentation. Be sure to apply the Jan 2008 Presentation Style Patch also found at the SHFB site on the Releases page.

Auto-generated classes are created by Visual Studio to take care of stuff such as properties and settings, strongly typed data sets, etc. The ASP.NET compiler may also generate classes to support the pages. You can use the ApiFilter project property in SHFB to remove them as well as any other members that you do not want to see in the help file.