Sandcastle causes PC to go beyond normal operating temperature

Jul 25, 2009 at 3:02 AM

I have a problem with sandcastle when generating HTML Help 1x documentation. It's kind of weird and I am not even sure if others have encountered this.

My machine is an AMD Phenom X4 9650 with 2GB of RAM and a 1GB ATI Radeon 3650 graphics card. I have configured my BIOS to automatically shutdown the computer whenever the system and core temperature has reached 70 degress Celcius.

Whenever I build a documentation using Sandcastle Help File Builder I noticed that my CPU fan suddenly spins so fast and then goes back to normal. This happens thrice during the build process. On the third time, my system shuts down. The shutting down is due to the fact that my core or system temp has gone above the normal operating temp (70 and above). I tried using DocProject in building the documentation and the same thing happens. This means that the problem is not with the UI used in the build process but it is within Sandcastle itself. From what I remember, the problem occurs during the resolving of external/internal links at the Data\Reflection folder of Sandcastle.

This has left me dumbfounded because I am not a hardware type of guy and I find it kind of weird that a software such as Sandcastle would make the system/core temp go beyond the normal values. I ran graphics intensive apps such as Terragen, WinMorph, Orbiter 3D and Terragen 2 but the problem did not surfaced. Why is this with Sandcastle? Is the thread executing the Build process of Sandcastle causing this?

 Any help would be appreciated.


Jul 25, 2009 at 12:50 PM
Edited Jul 25, 2009 at 1:36 PM

>>epgirang: ...occurs during the resolving of external/internal links at the Data\Reflection folder of Sandcastle.
As I have noted in the concluding part of my last blog,
This is part of the work I am currently doing to help reduce the memory requirements of the Sandcastle.
That operation could consume quite a memory depending on the size of your work.

>>epigirang: Any help would be appreciated.
It will help if you can try compiling the help on another machine (preferably Intel), so that we could
eliminate any processor issue in this case.

For now,
1. try splitting your help into various parts (if it is large) as Microsoft does.
2. also, make sure you are not documenting the dependencies; these are the assemblies that your main
assemblies reference (like the third party libraries including the .NET libraries). If you are not sure on
how to do this second step, post your project file for us to examine it.

Best regards,

Jul 27, 2009 at 2:52 AM

Hi SelormeyPaul,

Thanks for your reply and for the link to your blog post. I will try again the recommendations you have given and see if everything goes well.