How to create help in website format using SandCastle?

Oct 26, 2009 at 5:22 PM

I have n number of html help content files and I want to convert them into online help using Sandcastle. I have downloaded and installed SandCastle help builder on my machine. I have create one new web application and in build option, I have checked the xml configuration checkbox true. In my web application I have one default.aspx page and the htlp help content files. When I create a sandcastle project using reference of web application, it create .chm file. But it shows the help for managed class libraries such as page_load method etc and it is not showing help from html content files. I don't want to generate help for managed class libraries. So, I tried to use conceptual hlp builder. But even that is not working correctly. It is just creating icons but not showing actual TOC contents and respective pages. Any one please help me in how to create an online help using html contents. It is really very urgent.

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