MS Help Viewer (Help3) 1.0

Dec 18, 2009 at 11:27 AM


I am just wondering roughly what the plans and possible timeframes (if any as yet) are in relation to providing sandcastle and schfb support for the emerging MS Help Viewer 1.0 (Help 3) technology? Is it under development as yet or is the technology too immature at this point?  Are there plans to include a new template for compatible visual style with VS2010 documentation?

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Dec 18, 2009 at 4:47 PM

There is some preliminary support for MS Help Viewer in the July 2009 source code release of Sandcastle.  It does appear to be missing some features though and the VS2005 style is the only one that includes the necessary changes to its transformation files to produce compatible topics.  So far, there isn't a new style specifically for VS2010.  We will probably see more complete support in a later Sandcastle release.  Maybe Anand or one of the other team members can give us an update.

Since an official Sandcastle release doesn't appear to be coming any time soon, I plan on uploading the updates for the July 2009 release with the Sandcastle Styles patches applied to the Sandcastle Styles project at least to the source code repository, probably this weekend.  I need to discuss with Dave and Paul whether we make it an new release of the Sandcastle Styles patch or just leave it as a source code download for those that want it.  You can overwrite the May 2008 release files with them and use the May 2008 executables with the July 2009 transformations without any issues that I know of.

Regarding SHFB, I have implemented support for creation of MS Help Viewer files and, with the July 2009 transformations, it will generate one but I haven't tried integrating the end result or viewing it with the new help viewer yet that is in VS2010 Beta 2.  I plan on releasing the version of SHFB the week of Dec 28th.  I'll issue updates to it after that to further support MS Help Viewer files as needed.



Dec 18, 2009 at 5:12 PM

Thanks for the comprehnsive reply Eric. 

It gives a gr8 starting roadmap regarding SC, SCHFB w/ the new MS Help Viewer 1.0 (Very, very confusing name from MS?? Why not just leave it at MS Help 3 so we all know precisely which version we are talking about!) 

My gut feeling is that the new MSDN (which closely matches the VS2010 style), may be a good indication of what is to come. 

Any updated info from the SC team would be greatly appreciated.

Seasons Greetigns and all..

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