XML Documentation creation tool

Jan 1, 2010 at 4:18 PM

I've written an add-in for Visual Studio that automates the creation and updating of XML Documentation comments in C#, C++/CLI, C++, and C code, quickly providing the basis for great documentation with tools like Sandcastle. This automation encourages improved quality of code and documentation by keeping the docs accurate and saving programmers a lot of time and effort.

There is a fully functional, free version of the add-in available (and the Pro version with enhanced features is only $5 to help me cover costs), so I hope nobody minds me mentioning it here.

Full details can be found at atomineerutils.com.

Please feel free to delete this discussion if you feel it is irrelevant or inappropriate.




Jan 1, 2010 at 5:16 PM

>>JasonPlease feel free to delete this discussion if you feel it is irrelevant or inappropriate.
I do not think there is any rule against it, and I think it is good to know some of these tools exist.

Looking through the features, I wish you will rather concentrate or specialize in documentations.
I will rather wish to see a feature like "Document Project/Solution" instead of the refactor feature
like "Create Property/Accessor from a member variable declaration" or "Open C++ Source or Header",
which are supported by other tools currently available.

Good luck, and happy New Year.

Jan 1, 2010 at 5:40 PM

Thanks, Paul.

The add-in started as a set of useful utilities I wrote, so it does have a rather eclectic set of commands, although these days almost all the development is in improving the documentation tools.

From the user's perspective, the main non-documentation commands can be disabled in the preferences so that they are removed entirely from the menu. Removing the code or them would only save about 20kB from the DLL size, so I didn't see much point in splitting them into a separate add-in.

Cheers, and Happy New Year,