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Provide a zip-only download option and\or a nuget-enabled package


Thank you for Sandcastle June 2010 Release (Version 2.6.1062.1).
I would like to request a zip-only download option and\or a nuget-enabled package.
In this way, if there are two help projects using different versions of the Sandcastle compiler, I can compile both help projects on the command line without having to uninstall\reinstall the specific version of Sandcastle for the particular project currently being built.
A possible work-around is to install the specific version of Sandcastle and reference a copy of the contents of the installation directory from the project, but I have not tried to do this yet.
Thank you.


EWoodruff wrote Mar 29, 2012 at 3:10 AM

The zip-only option will be easy once I'm able to get my changes checked in. I've rearranged the source tree to match the installed folder layout. With that, you can download the latest source release, unzip it, build the code and reflection data (scripts are included to do that), point the DXROOT environment variable at the source version of the .\ProductionTools folder and you're ready to go. Pointing DXROOT back at the production release in Program Files lets you use that version instead. I've been doing that while testing and comparing the output. It works quite well.

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rpkrajewski wrote Apr 27, 2012 at 7:59 PM

I second this. I currently copy existing installations and put them in other places on our build machine, and by setting SHFBROOT and passing in /p:SandcastlePath=, it works great in our build process (the build machine itself has never run a Sandcastle-related installer). So not having to actually do an install would be nice, although we can certainly live with the current arrangement.

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