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Using an interior_ptr<> argument causes no documentation output for method


This issue only applies to the C++/CLI language since the other .NET languages don't have such a concept. If I create a method that has a parameter whose type is an interior_ptr<>, there is no documentation for the method in the output chm. The XML output from the compilation process has the appropriate comments and the file seems to properly detect the argument type, but it seems like something goes wrong during the process of combining that information.
I should note that a page is generated for the method, it just does not contain the comments I put in the code. There is also the question of how you write the method signature on the documentation page. As it stands, it is written as a normal pass-by-reference. I think that is ok for other languages since they don't have the concept of an interior_ptr, but it would be good to have the C++ definition show it as an interior_ptr.
A very simple class has been attached that will show the problems I'm talking about.

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