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copycode.gif should be CopyCode.gif


When building HTML using the VS2005 presentation template, the file copycode.gif is generated in the icons directory. The case of the file is wrong; it should be CopyCode.gif.
The incorrect case means that when the HTML is server from a Lighttpd server on Linux, the copy icon is broken when not highlighted (see attached screenshot).
The workaround is to rename the file Presentation\vs2005\icons\copycode.gif to Presentation\vs2005\icons\CopyCode.gif. When you rebuild the project, the correct case will be used for the output file.

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EWoodruff wrote Nov 26, 2009 at 6:06 PM

That's not caused by Sandcastle, it's the Code Block Component distributed with the Sandcastle Help File Builder. The filename just happens to match the one that comes with Sandcastle. I've fixed the casing of the filename in the code colorizer files for the next SHFB release.

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