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Cannot exclude explicitly implemented generic interface members from MrefBuilder


I am attempting to exclude some explicitly implemented generic interface members from my documentation (I'm using Sandcastle Help File Builder and the <exclude/> tag). The relevant section of the mrefbuilder.config file looks like the following:
<apiFilter expose="true">
<namespace name="MyNamespaceName" expose="true">
<type name="MyGenericClassName`1" expose="true">
  <member name="System.Collections.Generic.ICollection{T}.Contains" expose="false"/>
  <member name="System.Collections.Generic.ICollection{T}.CopyTo" expose="false"/>
  <member name="System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable{T}.GetEnumerator" expose="false"/>
  <member name="System.Collections.Generic.ICollection{T}.IsReadOnly" expose="false"/>
However, all of these members are still showing up in the documentation. I have tried some variations on the {T} syntax (such as `1, the full nested generic class name, and nothing at all), but none of these seem to work. The non-generic explicitly implemented interface members can be excluded with no problem, it's just the generic ones that don't seem to work.


rvmccleary wrote Sep 13, 2010 at 8:45 PM

<exclude> seems to be ignored on any element (class, method, etc.) with a generic parameter.

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