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Enumerated type members no longer contain a description in VS2005 style


This is a bug in the July 2009 source code release.
The getEnumMemberDescription template is wrong. A copy of the getElementDescription template was made but there are two copies. The one in main_sancastle.xsl is correct, the one in main_reference.xsl (the one copied) is not right for this. To fix the issue, replace the getEnumMemberDescription in utilities_reference.xsl with this one:
<xsl:template name="getEnumMemberDescription">
<xsl:apply-templates select="summary[1]/node()" />
<!-- enum members may have additional authored content in the remarks node --> <xsl:apply-templates select="remarks[1]/node()" />
NOTE: The Prototype style's <xsl:template match="element" mode="enumeration"> template in utilities_reference.xsl should also be changed to include remarks if present.