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MRefBuilder does not document type members


Let's assume we have three assemblies.
First defines entities and contains interfaces of entities. Second defines interfaces use entities. And third contains realizations of entities and interfaces from second assembly.
We want to make documentation only for third and second assemblies. And we include projects of assemblies Three and Two into our help builder project.
All are being builded fine. But in result help file we does not see documentation for members of class from third assembly.
Attach contains example of this situation. Help file does not contains members from Proj1.Outer class.
The problem is in type comparing. In System.Compiler.TypeNode.IsStructurallyEquivalentTo MRefBuilder compares same types from different assemblies and they are not equals. And it is correct. But later it works with types by their names and then types are equal.
Workaround is to add first assembly in help project referenceses. But it would be nice to log special warning then we have types with same name from different assemblies.

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