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VS 2010 & .NET 4


I have:
  • Sandcastle-June 2010 Release (Version 2.6.1062.1)
  • SHFB v1.9.1.0 Release
    Build output is as followed:
    SHFB: Error BE0020: Unknown field tag: 'SDKLinks'
    Do you have any idea what causes it?


izsak wrote Jul 9, 2010 at 1:58 PM

The SdkLinkType property is now obsolete and has been removed. SDK link types are now defined using the following help file format specific SDK link type properties:
* HtmlSdkLinkType - HTML Help 1 SDK link type
* MSHelp2SdkLinkType - MS Help 2 SDK link type
* MSHelpViewerSdkLinkType - MS Help Viewer SDK link type
* WebsiteSdkLinkType - Website SDK link type
By default, the above properties will all default to Msdn to generate links to online MSDN content. Review your project settings and adjust them if necessary.

EWoodruff wrote Jul 9, 2010 at 4:09 PM

This is a SHFB issue. Please post such issues over in With regard to this issue, you can fix it by opening your SHFB project in a text editor and deleting both the ProjectLinkType and SdkLinkType properties if they exist in your project file.

rshadman wrote Jul 11, 2010 at 9:35 PM

This error also occurs if you have the "Cached MSDN URL References" custom build component enabled from an older project.


<ComponentConfig id="Cached MSDN URL References" enabled="True"><component id="Cached MSDN URL References" type="SandcastleBuilder.Components.CachedResolveReferenceLinksComponent" assembly="{@SHFBFolder}SandcastleBuilder.Components.dll" locale="{@Locale}" linkTarget="{@SdkLinkTarget}"><cache filename="{@LocalDataFolder}Cache\MsdnUrl.cache" /><targets base="{@SandcastlePath}Data\Reflection" recurse="true" files="*.xml" type="{@SDKLinks}" /><targets files="reflection.xml" type="{@ProjectLinks}" /></component></ComponentConfig>

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