ResolveExternalLinksComponent Beta 2 Is Now Available

Mar 3, 2008 at 5:54 PM
Hi everyone,

The second release of ResolveExternalLinksComponent is now available for download.

This release contains a few bug fixes and some new features:

  1. The DocProject 1.10.1 RC shipped with this component built-in, so a separate download is not required. It is automatically added to the Help 1.x and Help 2.x build component reference stacks of newly created DocProjects and DocSites.
  2. Support has been added for <seealso xref=""/> and <seealso vref=""/>. Note that target is not supported though since Sandcastle ignores it.
  3. IDs are now compared using an ordinal, case-insensitive string comparer.
  4. The component now handles invalid mappings itself instead of relying on another component later in the stack; e.g., If <see xref="id1"/> doesn't correspond with any of the defined mappings, then the component will output, <span class="nolink">id1</span> in its place. If inner XML is present then it will be used instead of the ID.
  5. The editor can now edit component-level attributes; e.g., base and target.
  6. UrlMappingProvider implementations can provide a custom UI, which is embedded into the component's editor.
  7. A new mapping provider, DatabaseUrlMappingProvider allows you to specify ID values for xref and vref that correspond to mappings in a database.
    1. Works with any of the built-in Framework data providers as well as plug-ins; e.g., ODBC, OLE-DB, SQL Server and Oracle.
    2. Supports an explicit command timeout.
    3. Supports parameterized textual queries and stored procedures.
      1. You can specify hard-coded values for parameters.
      2. Alternatively, a named variable source may be specified, the value of which is taken from an attribute on the parent <mappings> element. The supported values are BaseUrl, File, Target, TopicId and Value.

- Dave