Sandcastle Help File Builder v1.9.3.3 (Beta 1) Now Available

Jan 3, 2012 at 11:10 PM

The release is available from

The primary purpose of this release is to move the Visual Studio 2010 Package into a beta stage so that more people can start using it and to test and get feedback on the new file editors. The build engine and the package in general are quite stable and are suitable for general use. As before, if there are issues you can drop back to the last stable release as there have been no changes that would affect the project file format.

This version is a beta release. See the Important Information section on the download page for more information. If you have any problems, please report them in the Discussions forum or Issue Tracker in the SHFB project. Please be sure to specify the version number you are using to keep the issues separate from the current production release. Thank you!