How to use in the TOC a descriptive title instead of the namespace

Dec 15, 2016 at 2:00 PM
in my sandcastle help file builder, I reference a .csproj
Now I was able to produce a TOC with the Contents of 2 namespaces.
It's OK,
  • Welcome
  • Com.MyCompany.DocumentProcessor.Contracts
  • Com.MyCompany.DocumentProcessor.Services
    • IDocumentProcessorInf Interface
      • iDocumentProcessor Methods
        • Method1 Methods
        • Method2 Methods
But this looks not very nice: In the Toc I see the namespaces.
Instead I would like to see a descriptive Text Example:
  • Welcome
  • Methods
    • Method1
    • Method2
  • Contracts
How can I get this ?

Thanks a lot for help.